Does in-Vehicle Technology Help Prevent Road Accidents

Does in-Vehicle Technology Help Prevent Road Accidents

Vehicle safety has become a cause of concern in several parts of the world. However, with the growth and advancement in technology, several in-vehicle features have helped in preventing road accidents. These technologies have also raised the overall standard of safety globally. in-vehicle technology can be of several types- starting from GPS tracking and fleet management to many others. Each of these tools have unique features that can track several parameters within a car and alert the driver. Thus, these tools and technology help in maintaining the safety of the car and prevent accidents. Here are some of the tools and technology that can prevent road accidents.

Drowsiness Detection System

This is one of the most crucial in-vehicle technologies in modern times. Drivers might often feel tired or drowsy while driving for long hours. Such systems are especially important at night to make sure the driver is alert while driving. The drowsiness detection system monitors the driver’s eyelids and the movement of his head. The moment the eyelids are closed, or the driver’s head tilts, this system automatically rings an alarm, thereby making the driver and others alert. Thus, such a system prevents several accidents by cautioning people and also ensures a continuous monitoring process.

Alcohol Detection Lock

The alcohol detection lock is one of the most remarkable discoveries in in-vehicle technology. The technology measures the alcohol concentration in the driver’s seat the moment he gets on the driver’s seat. If the level of alcohol in his blood is found to be above the prescribed levels, the car gets locked. Thus, cars running on this technology would start only when the driver’s blood alcohol levels are within the prescribed limits. The technology would be made mandatory in most driving vehicles because most road accidents are caused by drunkenness.

Bluetooth Handsfree

The Bluetooth handsfree kit is an alternative for mobile phones. Receiving calls while driving can be dangerous as the focus of the driver shifts from the road to his phone. As a result, there can be several accidents owing to the use of mobile phones during driving. The Bluetooth handsfree kit helps you to connect the set to your phone via Bluetooth and receive it automatically when you get a call. However, it is still better not to receive calls while driving as it can distract the driver. If it is urgent, drivers should always use the Bluetooth handsfree to remain focused on the road.

Road Heating System

The road heating system is exceptionally useful while you are driving on the snow. Through this technology, the car traps solar energy and uses the heat to melt the snow on its way. Cars tend to skid on snow and can cause fatal accidents. The road heating system therefore prevents the car from skidding by melting the snow. The technology also makes driving easier and reduces the risks of the driver. Remember, snow can also affect your car’s tires and this heating system is also helpful in protecting your car.


Several in-vehicle technologies have helped in raising vehicle safety and preventing accidents. Starting from GPS tracking for fleet vehicles to installing various tools and software in cars, these technologies have revolutionized the automobile industry by raising its safety. This has also been one of the greatest boons of technological advancements as road accidents have been one of the major causes of unnatural deaths across the world. There are several other in-vehicle technologies, however, the most popular and beneficial ones have been mentioned above.