How GPS System Protect Fleet Vehicles from Theft?

How GPS System Protect Fleet Vehicles from Theft?

Commercial fleets and the freight they carry are extremely valuable, and every fleet manager knows it. There are also numerous risks associated with an incident that one may face, especially involving robbery. Across the Sri Lanka, there are 8% of cargo theft incidents, and in some instances, we have vehicles that have been stolen. Fleets are mainly targeted as most carry consumer products, food, and alcohol. Therefore, many companies are now considering investing in GPS fleet management solutions. By doing so, the GPS tracking for fleet vehicles helps these companies keep an eagle eye on their vehicles and the freight they carry. Let’s dive in and learn more.

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles and Cargo

Companies can track fleet vehicles and track them down if they are stolen with GPS tracking for fleet vehicles, greatly boosting the odds of retrieving the vehicle. It also speeds up the recuperation process. These trucks follow a predetermined itinerary, so when they deviate from it, the software sends an immediate signal to fleet management, who can then work with law enforcement to get ahead of the problem.

Data from GPS

The GPS program gives useful data that firms can use to safeguard themselves against future attacks. The fleet manager can utilize all of the information to investigate what happened in the unfortunate event of a heist. It enables companies to take precautionary measures to avoid such mishaps.

Thieves Should Be Discouraged

When a car is stolen, it has a significant financial impact on the company, mainly if the assets are not insured. You can track down criminals and reduce incidences with improved technologies.

Each GPS Tracker Is Made Uniquely

Not all GPS trackers are alike; each one is created with a different system; hence learning all about these trackers is essential before you invest in one. GPS tracking that is passive will only record the vehicle’s location; it will not transmit the same. So, until the vehicle returns to base, the fleet manager cannot access the data. This data is fundamental, especially if there’s a theft.

We usually advocate investing in active GPS tracking, which tracks the vehicle’s whereabouts and sends real-time data to the fleet manager at the base. In the event of a theft, the authorities might utilize this information to quickly identify and reclaim the vehicle.

Many companies, not just in Sri lanka but across the World, are getting smart and investing in GPS fleet management solutions and installing GPS tracking for their fleet vehicles. In this way, it allows fleet managers to maintain their vehicles and track them at all times. It helps to reduce incidents, enabling fleets to work smoothly.