Maximize Uptime with A Fleet Maintenance Checklist

Maximize Uptime with A Fleet Maintenance Checklist

GPS tracking device for fleet management is a blessing in disguise for fleet managers as it reduces their work by at least fifty percent. Most of the coordination and pre-planning work is being completed with AI of fleet management systems. It also notifies the users about the maintenance work needed for the smooth function of the vehicle. Though the main changes required for the upkeep of the vehicles will depend upon the model, age, weather, and usage, having a checklist for the maintenance aids in keeping track of things for your technician, and they can continue from where it was left earlier. As repairing from the start can add to the heavy side of the budget, if a preventive maintenance timetable is there, many sudden roadside repair costs can be avoided. Further, it aids in saving time and money. Let us look at how the evolved technology and a proper checklist can help reduce unnecessary expenses.

Keep A Checklist

A Checklist keeps a note of past work completed on the vehicle and that the job done by the technician, in-house or outsourced, has been compatible and perfectly done. A proper checklist also helps track the upkeep and required parts that need to be completed from time to time and has a list of modifications done to the parts or the vehicle model.

Consolidated List

With fleet management software in place, you don’t have to worry about writing or replacing the old checklist. The software lets you combine the data and update it from the last service date. There is no need of creating a separate list of maintenance. This application aids in creating an active maintenance plan and allows to set reminders in a group or for a specific fleet, model year, or make.


Personalizing a maintenance list is important to keep the cost of operations low. It provides accurate data of which vehicle needs attention based on past statistics and inspections. This can be added manually to the checklist to ensure that the vehicle is maintained and not missed.

What You Might Need

An accurate checklist must cover all the necessary points to serve better service, such as:

  • Oil and Filter change
  • Check and Change Air Filters
  • Check tires and rotate if necessary
  • Lubrication to fittings
  • Check brakes
  • Check exhaust system

In Conclusion

Above are a few must-haves on your checklist. You will have to include all necessary safety precautions. A fleet management program has become essential along with GPS vehicle trackers so as not to miss important asset technical work.