Seven Important Tips for an Optimized Fleet Maintenance

Seven Important Tips for an Optimized Fleet Maintenance

For businesses, taking care of the condition of their vehicles, whether 10 in total or 400, is highly necessary. The safety of their employees and operations is highly dependent on the state of their fleet. For example, drivers are constantly on the road. So, any vehicular issue in the middle of the road is risky and can cause serious damage.

On that note, proper fleet maintenance is a key task to focus on for high functionality, efficiency boost, and safety. You can use a Fleet tracking app to keep a record of your vehicles or other aids for such maintenance. If you are wondering about the right steps to take, here are some of the best tips you should try.

Prepare a Service Checklist

First and foremost, you should prepare a checklist to follow for all of the tasks you have to handle. This would help you and your workers focus on the steps well and keep track of their remaining duties and deadlines.

Confer with Your Drivers

Since your drivers are the ones who use the vehicles regularly, they would have a better understanding of the problem areas. So, talk to them while planning the maintenance steps. Also, discuss the compliance and safety measures they are following, and address the new updates.

Brake Servicing Frequently

To ensure the best safety, you should regularly service your vehicle’s brake system. Sudden failures or defects can lead to accidents on the road. Hence, quick and frequent checks are crucial. Plus, conduct overall system inspections at intervals of 6 months.

Replace Your Tires

As the tires keep rotating during long drives, it wears down at 3000-5000 mile intervals. During full tread periods and depth, tires start wearing down faster, and that would cause rotational delay. Therefore, check and replace tires every few months.

Battery Power Checkup

Opt for battery servicing work. This includes tasks like grease, corrosion, and grime clean-up from the car battery. Additionally, top up your battery fluid to make it last for a longer period.

Preventive Maintenance

Another step you should follow is preventive maintenance services for your fleet. This involves completing the servicing work for the vehicles ahead of time before genuine significant errors happen. For this, prepare a scheduled maintenance checkup and follow it consistently to avoid major breakdowns in the future.

Replace Air Filters

Often, vehicle owners miss out on removing old air filters that have too much dust accumulation. Over time, the dirt and debris can damage the engine performance. So, replace them early when you see clogged filters.

Take Note of Your Expenses

You can use a Vehicle tracking system in Sri lanka for fleet maintenance or other services. However, it would be best if you remembered to focus on the overall costs of such work. Some manufacturers cover such services in their warranty coverage and research these carefully to avoid higher prices.


Regularly check your vehicles and conduct repairs and service work on time. With the right support and steps, you can ensure a higher quality fleet management for your business. Be sure to use the best service providers for the tasks.