Seven Must-Have Features in Every Fleet Tracking App

Seven Must-Have Features in Every Fleet Tracking App

The UAE government has deputed companies with a reputation for managing and tracking official vehicles in the country. Various improvisations and upgrades have been taking place to increase productivity and help several businesses run smoothly. The vehicle tracking system app increases fleet efficiency, causing fewer damages due to unforeseen circumstances while driving long distances. Fleet managers shoulder significant responsibilities while doing their jobs and ensuring that every fleet management requirement is in place. The fleet companies or managers use helpful tools like GPS tracking device for fleet management to check on the real-time visibility of all the vehicles.

Here are some must-have features in every fleet tracking app.

Real-Time Location Tracking

To ensure driver safety, fleet managers need to know every vehicle’s exact and real-time location. Fleet management companies generally rely on various GPS tracking systems to increase vehicle visibility and assist in every way possible to send alerts to the drivers regarding the driving pattern or any other issue. It also helps in rapid response to any kind of emergencies while driving.

Customized Driver Alerts

It is one of the key features that every tracking app must-have. The feature promptly sends real-time notifications regarding driving patterns reducing the risk of road accidents. During odd driving hours, specific alerts are sent to ensure safety and driver fatigue. Signals like fuel wastage due to poor driving habits are efficiently sent to the driver. Long idle time alerts also can be sent to notify the driver to shut the engine.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Smooth functioning of your vehicle is essential for the efficiency and productivity of every business. Vehicle tracking systems notify the driver that the vehicle is due for maintenance to take preventive measures before setting out on long journeys.

Planning the Route and Monitoring

While you are on a journey, it is essential to check if you have taken an optimized route. The feature in the fleet tracking app will assist you in monitoring the execution of the various routes to be taken. It ensures customer satisfaction when they enjoy smooth driving and early arrivals to the destinations. With the feature, the drivers know the routes they will be taking well in advance.

Fuel Management

Managing fuel efficiently is a crucial concern faced by various fleet managers. Fuel management features will check the fuel levels and monitor fuel consumption while driving. The feature will also alert the driver when fuel draining takes place.

Analysis on Driving Behavior

The best fleet management system will ensure that the tracking app should have the feature that makes an effective analysis about the driving behavior of drivers. The feature sends you an alert when the vehicle is harshly braked, speeding, and overly idle, and it monitors acceleration. With prompt alerts, drivers learn to drive more economically, significantly reducing fuel costs.

Artificial Intelligence Camera Technology

The feature alerts the drivers that the roads ahead are longer fleet-friendly and don’t ensure driver safety. Various dashboard cameras enable the fleet managers to get a detailed view of the roads and alert the drivers with valuable insights. Technology-based tracking app features help in building safety measures while driving on unpredicted roads.