The Real Cost of Vehicle Downtime for Your Fleet

The Real Cost of Vehicle Downtime for Your Fleet

One can disrupt a trip in various ways, but one of the most aggravating is when the car breaks down. When a vehicle breaks down, it causes many problems, including costly components, labor, and the driver’s inability to work. It’s not only that; weather downtime might be devastating.

To do so, the fleet manager has to make time to meet expectations and, to do so, he has to arrange another vehicle. Furthermore, since the client is inconvenienced and the fleet is down by one, the manager would also have to take out one vehicle to replace the broken one. You would find yourself amidst disrupted schedules and unhappy customers, leading to a quick rise in your costs.

Downtime must be managed and avoided at all costs by fleet management. The GPS fleet tracking app comes in handy in this situation. How? Let’s go deeper and figure out how much downtime costs in total and how to reduce it.

The Cost of Vehicle Downtime

Things can go wrong in a variety of ways. However, vehicle breakdowns are unavoidable, and a good fleet manager is always ready for them. Many businesses in the Sri Lanka are suffering hundreds of dollars in vehicle downtime charges. As a result, a growing number of companies are taking proactive steps to reduce costs. Vehicle repair regularly is a better option since it avoids the annoyance of downtime. Let’s look at a few particular difficulties.

The Cost of Replacing the Vehicle

The breakdown of a vehicle ends up costing the company. For sure, labor and parts are free, but now the manager would also incur costs on replacing the vehicle along with driver’s salary and petrol costs.

Delayed Deliveries

Not all clients understand and forgive, especially if their consignment is consistently late. Clients begin to lose patience, especially if this is not a one-time thing. It is also very inconvenient to keep apologizing for repeated mistakes. While specific issues would arise from delayed deliveries,

  • The brand’s image is tarnished.
  • Negative internet and word-of-mouth reviews.
  • Customer retention is on the decline.
  • An increase in the number of jobs handled by customer service.
  • Income loss in the long run.

Additional Strain Is Placed on the Fleet

Another vehicle must be dispatched to assist the driver when a car breaks down. If this happens regularly, your business will wind up spending a lot of money in the long run. Fleet managers are also under a lot of pressure to stay on top of schedule changes and replacements quickly using a fleet tracking app on their iPhone.

Productivity Is Harmed as a Result

The productivity of a driver suffers when he cannot fulfill his work. He won’t work unless he has access to a vehicle. The substituted driver must leave his current job to fill in for this task. Both drivers, as well as the overtime expenses, must be paid by the corporation.