Tips to Measure Fleet Technology Performance

Tips to Measure Fleet Technology Performance

Unlike any business that is routing to establish or grow themselves in the market, it is immaculate to endure a deep look at the mechanics and productivity of the predominant enterprise. When it comes to fleet management, it is performed to reduce costs and improve its efficiency. However, not calculating the progress through metrics or other data will put your business under serious question in the longer run. Although fleet tracking app is designed to create a seamless business operation, they demand your demonstration from time to time. As a fleet manager, you are directly answerable to your superiors about the advancements and efficacy of the fleet. Therefore, it’s your accountability to get started with measuring the fleet technology performance for successful forthcoming trade.

Fleet managers can measure fleet tracker technology performance using metrics and statistical data to measure their performance. Metrics provide a definite answer and a stable evaluation specifying if their technician is working towards or against the business. In this blog, we have discussed a few ways of measuring your fleet performance; keep scrolling through!

Start with Evaluating Time

Whether you track your vehicle through a tracking app or use software to identify its movement, learning how much time the car spends at what place should be reckoned. Since most vehicles work around the clock, tracking where your tech spends the most time throughout their service is vital. For instance, if you detect that your automobile is taking a long time at renovation, you can prioritize your vehicle’s repairs to ensure duration is utilized and distributed efficiently.

How Much Work Is Getting Done?

The other primary method of measuring performance could be analyzing the number of projects your company has successfully executed within the estimated time. Tracking how many customers receive their orders and how the return process is conducted every day concerning the prescribed date and term will give you impressive explanations. Additionally, satisfied customers and positive client reviews of your service are also benchmarks for administering your work.

Running a Quick Attendance Check

Another method of measuring the accessible technology performance could be checking your technicians’ entry and exit times. If a particular shift demands six our duty, but the tech report shows a four-hour service, there’s some defect you need to check on! It could either happen because the tech is using the wrong login hours or is not employing the time. Fleet managers can motivate and stimulate the service providers to up their game in the business.

Developing KPI’s

KPI or Key Performance Indicator is an excellent tool to measure your fleet technology performance. The KPI may differ according to your business goals, size, and structure. Ideally, it can be divided into two segments, including productivity and safety goals.

A performance goal can be calculated by analyzing the distance covered by your vehicle and the revenue generated through it. Furthermore, Safety goals can be determined by the average cost spent on repairs with the number of accidents or incidents occurring through the driveway.


Implementing the above measures will help fleet managers determine their fleet performance supported by valid data. This report will also help you focus on improving and working on the company’s objectives and thereby achieving goals.